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Are QR Codes the next big thing?

boAt Lifestyle gives budding artists the break they deserve on the occasion of World Music Day.

The audio and wearable brand transformed OOH properties into mesmerizing QR OOH art wherein the emerging artists are designed as QR codes, which viewers can scan to listen to and stay updated on their genre and playlists.

boAt, the audio and wearable brand, has launched a new campaign ‘Break Through Music’, on the occasion of World Music Day, aimed at giving emerging artists the stage they deserve. Conceptualized by Digitas India, the campaign features a curated list of young and upcoming artists across indie, pop, Bollywood, Punjabi, and rap genres, including Akanksha Sethi, Kunwarr, Rahi, Pho, KASYAP, Shubham Kabra, and Akshath Acharya.

To promote the campaign, boAt purchased a 100% share of voice ad space on YouTube to promote contextually relevant ads and to target individual users based on their preferred music genres. boAt ensured that viewers were introduced to similar emerging artists before they even listened to their intended song. This approach allowed musicians to garner the attention of their audience.

Speaking on the campaign, Aman Gupta, co-founder and chief marketing officer said, “The company is proud to be at the forefront of identifying, discovering, and celebrating new talent with the potential to make it big. By combining the powers of traditional and digital algorithms, boAt aims to provide a fitting stage for upcoming artists. As a brand, boAt is committed to encouraging young people to take up their passion and will continue to support emerging talent in the music industry.”

The campaign is being released at a pan-India level and will span multiple platforms including digital, radio, outdoor, and its microsite.

Additionally, through this campaign, boAt also disrupted the norm by dedicating all YouTube ad spots to trending songs to promote the artists and transforming OOH properties into QR OOH art, connecting viewers to these artists. These artists are designed as QR codes, which viewers can scan to be redirected to the page where they can listen and stay updated on their genre and playlists.

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