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Battle of Brands.

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

A “Battle of Brands” or “Brand War” is an intense competition among several brands from the same product category for the retailer's limited shelf space and for market share.

The legendary brand wars.

In today's fiercely competitive market, numerous prominent brands are vying for the attention of a shared target audience. The ongoing war between these industry giants has led to a constant battle of advertising strategies, with each brand striving to outshine its competitors and secure customer engagement and traffic.

As the market becomes more saturated with competitors, brands are relentlessly seeking innovative and effective advertising approaches. This intensifies the race to the top, with brands constantly striving to outdo one another and capture the largest share of consumer attention.

It's not Star Wars anymore, it's Brand Wars!

Here are the Iconic Wars till now.

McDonald's and KFC

KFC stole McDonald's biggest Show!! McDonald's Canada launched the much-anticipated Chicken Big Mac and announced it on Twitter. Soon enough, KFC posted its own version of the Big Mac, with the words: FIXED IT. They even went as far as tagging McDonald's on the post. Ouch. But the real Zinger was these billboards. They sent trucks advertising 'the fix' right in front of McDonald's stores to steal their thunder.

Chat GPT Joins the War

McDonald's was quick to hop on to the Chat GPT rage, but Burger King was quicker to leverage it to their own benefit. And then Subway joined the stage.

Is everything fair when it comes to marketing moves? Let us know your thoughts!

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