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Embracing the Kinetic of Art

Gombrich argues that emotional responses to art are ersatz; art triggers remembrances of previously experienced emotions.

Modern Art

Balloon Dogs

by Jeff Koons

In his 1993 "Celebration" series, these whimsical sculptures embody pop culture through inflatable forms.

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Contemporary Art

Blood Thicker Than Mud

by Cecily Brown

A crowd of fragmented bodies, explores the immensity of the human experience, imbued with a subtle erotic energy.

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Cubist Art

Man with a Guitar
by Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

During the Blue Period, Picasso painted The Old Guitarist. This painting shows an old, weak and poor man clinging to a guitar. 

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Fine Art

Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Johannes Vermeer

The oriental turban worn by the Girl represents the worldliness of the merchant class.

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